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Training Opportunities in Adipose Tissue


FACES+ is pleased to offer mentoring courses in contemporary fat grafting for small and large volume applications in facial, breast and body rejuvenation and contouring. Courses are designed as a mentoring experience and is limited to 2 physicians per half day or full day session. Extended mentoring opportunities are available.

Train with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Cohen and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Tracy Leong.

Training will focus on the use of Tulip Harvesting Cannulas and Micro injectors and includes:

  • Patient selection
  • Preoperative markings
  • Didactic lecture on fat grafting principles and anatomic approaches
  • Operative demonstration
  • Postoperative care, treatment of complications and follow up
  • FACES+ Tulip Kit included with registration

For prices, dates, and upcoming courses contact Charlene Ramos ORT at 858.453.7224 or
Visit FacesPlus.com

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Faces Plus

The 2nd Norwegian-American Aesthetic Surgery Meeting (NAAM 2)
Oslo, Norway, October 27 – 28, 2017

The annual meeting of the Norwegian Society for Plastic Surgery will be held October 26, just prior to Norwegian-American Aesthetic Surgery Meeting. Please let your colleagues know about this special opportunity to participate in these two events!

The program will be divided into seven specific sessions: face; breast (2 sessions); stem cells, fat grafting and regenerative surgery; quality of life, patient complaints, and practice management; mortality, morbidity and patient safety in combined/high-risk procedures in aesthetic surgery; and postbariatric (MWL patients) and body contouring surgery.

Of particular interest, one of the breast sessions will deal with the selection of breast implants. Main manufacturers (Allergan, Mentor, Motiva, Polyurethane) will be given equal opportunity to talk about their implants and the reasons plastic surgeons should choose them.
The discussion will include long-term complications regarding ALCL and capsular contracture.

Special emphasis will be placed on recent developments and new techniques in facial, breast and body contouring aesthetic surgery, with video presentations and course-based lectures by world renowned surgeons. The information will be abundant and informative for plastic surgeons of all levels of experience.

For more information and to register visit osloaestheticmeeting.hostmotet.no

Stem Cell Therapies Courses

We will be adding more courses as they become available to help give you the Tulip Advantage.