Tulip GEMS™Syringe Locks and Single-Use Anaerobic Transfers

Tulip GEMS Anaerobic Transfers and Syringe Locks are designed for Syringe Technique Fat Harvesting procedures pioneered by Tulip Medical. These pre-sterilized, single-use devices are designed to work with luer lock syringes and eliminate risk of cross contamination while providing high performance.

Tulip GEMS Syringe Locks are used for creating syringe supplied static suction that is an ideal and less stressful technique for harvesting viable adipose tissue. The Syringe Locks are adjustable allowing for small incremental amounts of suction to be applied for a more gentle fat cell harvest that results in less stress to the cellular structure.

Tulip GEMS Single-Use Anaerobic Transfers allow for fat tissue to be safely transferred into smaller injection syringes through this sterile device eliminating a contamination point during fat transfer procedures.

GEMS Transparent Transfer™

Unique, single-use, pre-sterilized anaerobic transfers for luer to luer connection. These transfers are now available in 3 different lumen diameters. Transfers come sterilized.

Tulip GEMS Disposable Anerobic Transfers

GEMS Single-Use Johnnie Snap™

Premium, pre-sterilized, single-use syringe locks – only from Tulip.

The single-use JohnnieSnap syringe lock is designed to maintain vacuum at variable pressure levels, from low to high. The JohnnieSnap comes in two sizes, 20cc and 60cc, and fits the following syringes: 20cc BD Syringes • 20cc Monoject Syringes • 60cc BD Syringes • 60cc Monoject Syringes View Johnnie Snap Instructions

Tulip Johnnie Snap Syringe Lock

SuperLuerLok Universal Syringe Adaptors™

The Single-Use Tulip SuperLuerLok Universal Adaptor makes any luer lock syringe compatible with Tulip's SuperLuerLok hub. It is recommended for use with some European and Asian manufactured syringe brands that have some minor threading differences such as:

  • *B.Braun™
  • *Covidien™
  • *Kendall™
  • *Terumo™
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*Registered trademarks of B. Braun Melsungen AG, Covidien AG, Terumo Corporation

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Premium Single-Use Instruments and Accessories

Tulip now offers you a complete, single-use fat transfer system. Another advantage from using Tulip Medical Products.


Tulip's premium single-use instruments and accessories will help your procedure go smoothly, meaning more predictable outcomes for your patients.

Tulip Medical Products Single-Use, Disposable Cannulas, Infiltrators, Injectors and accessories are intended to be used for the removal and placement of soft tissue and fluid from the body during general surgical and plastic surgery procedures, including lipoplasty for aesthetic body contouring.