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  • President, CEO - Marcille Pilkington
  • Executive Vice President - Debbie Pilkington
  • Director of Marketing & Education- Sacsy Sukcharoun
  • Director of International Sales - Figaro Nauta
  • Director of Operations - Marc Pilkington
  • For all inquiries regarding sales and product information,
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  • For all other inquiries,
    please email info@tulipmedical.com
    or call (800) 325-6526.

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About Us

Tulip Products began with a simple idea: creative progress. The dictionary defines creative as "characterized by invention and imagination" and it defines progress as "movement toward a higher or better stage". That's what was behind my invention of the patented Tulip syringe system.

Today, from full body procedures to basic reinjection, nearly all surgeons performing aesthetic surgery use one or more components of the Tulip system. Why? Because the instrumentation is essential and it is unique.

As you look through our website, you will notice a selection of surgical instrumentation. All of our instruments are precision manufactured to exact specifications. Very high quality metals are used. These metals are highly polished and sealed to provide superb performance, a high quality appearance, and, durability.

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As an extension of your hand in the operating theater, the Tulip instrument performs elegantly. We do everything in our power to assure your total satisfaction. We carefully develop, design and select only the highest quality, advanced products, then stand behind those products with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. That's not only the company's policy, it's my promise.

For a long time I have been intrigued by Edward de Bono's writing on thinking about thinking. In his book, Serious Creativity, he states that "The creative challenge does not set out to criticize, judge or find fault... The creative challenge is a challenge to uniqueness." This belief in the possibilities of new ideas and the understanding that something doesn't have to be broken to be fixed, sustains that simple idea behind the Tulip Products: creative progress.

John Johnson Our Founder