Delivering the Benefits of Fat to Millions

Today, Tulip is the number one brand in Nanofat, fat harvest and transfer procedures, and adipose regenerative therapies worldwide. Tulip continues to forge valuable collaborations with pioneers in regenerative aesthetics and regenerative therapeutics. Tulip has numerous patents and patents pending on divided and methods for making it easier for doctors worldwide to use their patient’s own fat tissue to treat them in safer, more natural and more efficient ways than ever before. Today we at Tulip are making our vision a reality. We are delivering the benefits of fat to millions.

Nanofat Pioneers

Validated Protocols

Patients Worldwide

"From aesthetic to functional applications, the unique versatility of Tulip Nanofat makes it a viable treatment option in more than 20 procedures. in addition to the ease of reproducibility and accessibility in the office-based setting, TNF can be used as a standalone or composite procedure with Tulip solution kits."

Features and Benefits

Closed System

Proprietary design allows users to seamlessly harvest, process and inject adipose tissue.

Single Use Advantage

Top quality, U.S. made instrumentation packed sterile to eliminate risk of cross contamination

Office Based

Minimal procedure time, minimal personnel needed.

Minimally Invasive

Entire procedure is performed through a small puncture opening under local anesthesia. Little to no patient down time.

What is TRUE Nanofat?

Tulip NanoFat is an exciting new injectable treatment option for aging skin, under-eye discoloration, scars and other fibrotic tissue conditions. It is derived from your own adipose (fat) tissue which is rich in the regenerative components that can help rejuvenate, remodel and repair. TNF contains 100% you – no chemicals, preservatives, or foreign substances.

Be competitive in your marketplace

Schedule a Demo

Tulip team members are available to demonstrate products and to train you and your staff. Learn how to supercharge your microfat injections with TRUE NanoFatand how to use TRUE NanoFat™ for under-eye discoloration, scar revision, and non-surgical facial tightening and brightening.


  • Everything you need in one well-designed system
  • Easy -to-follow protocol
  • Free Tulip Zoom Training for you and your clinical staff

Peace of Mind

  • Instrumentation meets the published safety guidelines
  • Patented centrifugation system keeps patient’s grafts in a closed system

Competitive Edge

  •  Offer your patient the most advanced technique of supercharging microfat grafts with Tulip’s True NanoFat
  • Published scientific studies to prove regenerative potency


  • Can be used to add myriad nanofat applications to your practice. 
  • Low per-patient cost that equals to a high rate of return on each procedure
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