Tulip Syringe Decanting Stands and Syringe Supplies

Complete your soft tissue tool kit with our full line of accessories. Tulip has the accessories you need for successful Fat Transfer and Liposuction Procedures.

Tulip Syringe Stand for Fat Decanting

The Tulip Z Stand™

The ideal syringe stand for keeping your decanted tissue organized and at the ready.

The autoclavable Tulip Z Stand is available in 2 sizes, Large for 60cc down to 20cc syringes and Small for 12cc and smaller syringes.

Tulip Syringe Line

We offer a full line of syringes for use with our liposuction Cannulas, micro fat injectors, Anaerobic transfers and the rest of our accessories for fat transfer procedures, prolotherapy. sports medicine, regenerative tissue therapy and liposculpting surgery.

Syringe Types

Syringe Tip Caps

Keep the contents of your syringe sealed. Your choice for use with regular Luer Lock Syringes - (single-use, sterile) and Toomey tip syringes (reusable, non-sterile).

Syringe Cap for Luer Lock

Unlock the
Power of Fat

Tulip is the leader in fat grafting and fat transfer instrumentation. We are innovators in liposuction cannula and injector design and manufacturing. We create instruments and accessories for successful liposuction and fat transfer procedures. With our proprietary Cell Friendly Technology and our new premium Gems Single-Use fat transfer instruments Tulip is your source for fat grafting, fat-transfer cannulas, micro injectors and accessories.