Tulip Large Volume Decanting Canisters

Tulip offers you a variety of simple, sterile, non-traumatic large volume decanting canisters for the collection of lipocytes and stem cells. These canisters work with your current aspirating equipment and are configured in a range of volume sizes and collection methods to meet the needs of your practice.

Single-Use Decanting Canisters

Tulip Disposable Fat Decanting Canister

Tissue-Trans® Filtron Units

The single-use Filtron is place between the harvest cannula and the waste canister. During harvest, the waste (blood, epinephrine, Xylocaine) is filtered and suctioned out, leaving quality fat collected in the Filtron. Fat is then drawn out into the luer lock re-injection syringes. Closed single-use system with proven filtering and fat viability.

Delivering the Benefits of Fat
to Millions

Tulip is the leader in liposuction and fat transfer instrumentation. We are innovators in liposuction cannula and injector design and manufacturing. We create instruments and accessories for successful liposuction and fat transfer procedures. With our patent pending Cell Friendly Technology and our new premium Gems Single-Use fat transfer instruments Tulip is your source for liposuction, fat-transfer cannulas, micro injectors and accessories.