Centrifuge, Power Injector, Pocar,
Instrument Cleaning Tools and Autoclave Trays

Complete your soft tissue tool kit with our full line of accessories. Tulip has the accessories you need for successful Fat Transfer and Liposuction Procedures.

Tulip NanoSpin Centrifuge View Tulip Crown

NEW – Tulip NanoSpin™
Advanced small-volume
tissue processing

The Tulip NanoSpin accommodates up to eight 10cc syringes including caps and Tulip Crowns.
• Designed as a closed system
• Speed up your workflow and increase efficiency
• Decrease contamination
• Proper separations
• Autoclavable Syringe Sleeves
• Rotor holds eight 10cc syringes
• 500-3500 rpm speed range
• 1,534g Max G-force
• 12V with a DC motor
• Made in the USA

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Ideal for use with the patented Tulip Crown™
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Also available as a complete kit, Crowns and Syringes included, visit our Sets Page>

Tulip Unversal Power Injector, Fat Injection Gun

Tulip Power Injector (PI4)™

The Tulip Power Injector (PI4) allows the surgeon to re-inject soft tissue through large or small diameter injectors with very little effort and maximum control. The Tulip Power Injector (PI4) will fit the following syringes.

Small Barrel:
10cc BD Luer Lock
10/12cc Monoject Luer Lock
10cc Monoject for Oral Medication
20cc BD Luer Lock
20cc Monoject Luer Lock

Large Barrel:
60cc Toomey Tip
60cc Nipro Luer Lock
60cc Monoject Slip Tip

View Tulip Power Injector (PI4) - Injection Volume Chart

Download instructions and cleaning information.

Tulip Medical Large and Small Pocars, percutaneous punch.


The Pocar is a percutaneous punch that is used to make a circumferential incision prior to infiltration and tissue extraction. It is designed to maintain a tight seal while minimizing scarring.

Tulip Medical Cannula Cleaning Brushes

Tulip CellFriendly
Instrument Cleaning Brushes™

These reusable brushes are the only brushes specially designed to clean CellFriendly Cannulas. The soft nylon bristles clean the lumen without damage to the CellFriendly surface. Use only Tulip brushes and stylettes on Tulip cannulas to maintain the CellFriendly benefits.

Tulip Medical Cannula Cleaning Brushes

NEW! Cannula Cleaning Soft Picks™

Cleaning even the smallest CellFriendly micro injectors is quick, easy and gentle. Guaranteed not to score, abrade or contaminate, Tulip Cannula Cleaning Soft Picks are the ideal single-use cleaning solution for smaller diameter cannulas and microinjectors. Autoclavable for use in the sterile field, if desired.

Tulip Gold Standard Autoclave Trays

Tulip Gold Standard Autoclave Trays™

Tulip's new Gold Standard autoclave trays are custom-designed to protect, house and store Tulip Gold Standard Sets and individual Tulip instruments.

Delivering the Benefits of Fat
to Millions

Tulip is the leader in liposuction and fat transfer instrumentation. We are innovators in liposuction cannula and injector design and manufacturing. We create instruments and accessories for successful liposuction and fat transfer procedures. With our patent pending Cell Friendly Technology and our new premium Gems Single-Use fat transfer instruments Tulip is your source for liposuction, fat-transfer cannulas, micro injectors and accessories.