Featured Educational and
Training Opportunities on Adipose Tissue

San Diego Academy of Regenerative Therapies 2nd Annual Conference

Leading Edge Techniques in MicroFat – NanoFat – PRP

Saturday and Sunday, August 4-5, 2018
U.S. Grant Hotel
San Diego, California

Friday afternoon, August 3, 2018
Pre-conference Hands-on Cadaver Master Class on
Office-Based Regenerative Aesthetic Procedure
using Adipose-NanoFat-PRP

San Diego ARTS offers training courses on minimally invasive office procedures using adipose tissue. The easy accessibility and the regenerative properties of adipose tissue make it an ideal product for office-based aesthetic and dermatological procedures.

This year’s conference offers two hands-on afternoon training tracks the first day. One focuses on aesthetic facial rejuvenation and includes a cadaver lab. The second focuses on musculoskeletal regenerative therapies and offers hands on demonstrations of ultrasonic guided musculoskeletal injection.

New to the conference this year, and based on last year’s attendee feedback, is an optional pre-conference hands-on cadaver adipose harvesting workshop. This limited registration workshop is ideal for attendees new to office-based adipose harvesting and processing including nanofat.

San Diego ARTS selects its excellent faculty based on expertise in the field and exceptional teaching skills. The faculty instructs using clinically proven step-by-step protocols that ensure reproducibility in the office-based practice. Attendees leave San Diego ARTS courses with the information and the tools to begin offering these procedures in clinical practice.

A Power-packed Didactic Master Class Lead By Globally Renowned Mentors

  • Patrick Tonnard, MD (Belgium)
  • Alexis Verpaele, MD (Belgium)
  • Randy Miller, MD (USA)
  • Paul Tortland, MD (USA)
  • Joseph Albano, MD (USA)
  • Randy Moore, DC, RDMS, RMSK (USA)
  • Tess Mauricio, MD (USA)

Lectures + Video Demonstrations + Live Demonstrations + Hands-on Cadaver Training

  • Science Behind Adipose Tissues and its Indications
  • Clinical Preparation & Harvesting
  • How to Use Micro, Mille and Nano Fat for Total Facial and Hand Rejuvenation
  • Special Focus: Leading Edge Techniques in Microfat – Nanofat – PRP
  • Exhibition Showcase & Market Place
  • Intimate Dinner (separate ticket)
  • Complementary $100 Gift Certificate towards a five patient Tulip GEMS NanoTransfer Set

For more program information and registration visit the SDARTs.com website > Click Here

SDARTs 2nd Annual Conference 2018 Lineup

Workshop on Centrofacial Rejuvenation

Macs-lift, Microfat, SNIF, Nanofat Grafting, Croton Oil Peeling

Friday and Saturday, August 17-18
Portland, Oregon, USA

Coupure Seminars is very proud to organize the sixth workshop on "Centrofacial Rejuvenation " with Dr Richard Bensimon, Dr Patrick Tonnard and Dr Alexis Verpaele, who will teach their methods extensively, both theoretically and practically.

The workshop consists of a full day theoretical lecturing on Friday, followed by several live surgical demonstration cases on Saturday.

For more information and registration click here.

Workshop on Centrofacial Rejuvenation

We will be adding more courses as they become available to help give you the Tulip Advantage.