Tulip GEMS Single-Use CellFriendly
Fat Transfer Instruments

Tulip’s proprietary CellFriendly™ Technology is now available in premium, pre-sterilized, single-use instruments with our patented SuperLuerLok. Tulip GEMS are sterile, disposable liposuction instruments designed to eliminate risk of cross contamination while providing top-of-the-line performance. Tulip GEMS glide easily through tissue and resist clogging. Tulip GEMS – simply the best. No other Fat Transfer and Fat Grafting instruments on the market have the Tulip Advantage.

"Tulip GEMS are easier and quicker to harvest with. The disposable GEMS Johnnie Snaps are convenient and easy to place into the syringes."
William A. Zamboni, MD, Las Vegas, Nevada

Tulip GEMS, a premium single-use, advanced harvesting
and fat transfer system.

Tulip GEMS Single-Use CellFriendly Instruments
Tulip GEMS Single-Use CellFriendly Instruments Box

What instruments are available as GEMS ?

You will notice the Gem Icon by the reusable instrument noting that it is also available as a disposable instrument.

Our Current selection of GEM Cannulas and Injectors

These instruments feature our single-use proprietary Cellfriendly coating. It is just as lubricious and CellFriendly as our gold coating but gray in color to indicate that this is a single use instrument.

All GEMS are pre-sterilized and individually packaged.

NEW! GEMS - Premium, Single-Use Sorensen Harvester SuperLuerLok

A less aggressive multiport harvester with beveled microports. The 20 port-configured harvesters allow gentle, yet very efficient harvesting both on the forward and backward strokes.

NEW! GEMS - Premium, Single-Use Sforza Harvester SuperLuerLok

Exclusively from Tulip, a microport harvester designed for speed. Fully equipped with bidirectional beveled and elevated sharp ports positioned asymmetrically to create a helical flux.

GEMS - Premium, Single-Use Tumescent Infiltrator SuperLuerLok

The multi-spiraled port configuration allows even distribution of fluid, used specifically for the infusion of tumescent solution and for hydraulic dissection.

GEMS - Premium, Single-Use Carraway Harvester SuperLuerLok

A spiral three-port design that is safe and effective for multi-plane adipose tissue harvesting. The Carraway Harvester is very popular for small volume procedures preformed using local anesthesia.

GEMS - Premium, Single-Use Miller Speed Harvester SuperLuerLok

A six port configured CellFriendly harvester that yields maximum tissue volume in minimal time. Simply revolutionizing.

GEMS - Premium, Single-Use Tonnard Harvester SuperLuerLok

A unique and effective multiport harvester with elevated sharp microports, very effective for harvesting through fibrous tissue. The 20 port-configuration allows for efficient harvesting both on the forward and backward strokes.

NEW! GEMS - Premium, Single-Use Spoon Tip Injector SuperLuerLok

A blunt spoon-shaped tip designed with a larger port for rapid injection of larger volumes, a groundbreaking breast and buttock workhorse.

GEMS - Premium, Single-Use Tulip Injector SuperLuerLok

Featuring Tulip Medical’s side port blunt tip design that passes through soft tissue effortlessly, while maintaining the integrity of the vascular structure. A workhorse for small volume injection.

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Premium Single-Use Instruments and Accessories

Tulip now offers you a complete, single-use fat transfer system. Another advantage from using Tulip Medical Products.


Tulip GEMS Premium Single-Use Cannulas

The Tulip Disposable, Single-use Cannulas, infiltrators and Injectors are designed to be used with luer-tip syringes, and accompanying syringes which are generally sized between 1 and 60 cubic centimeters in volume. Each single- use cannula is designed to twist (screw on clockwise) onto a given luer-tip syringe, whereby the syringe supplies either static suction, or when used for injection purposes, can be used to inject desired fluids, medications, and/or suction out either tissue such as fat or body to be aspirated.