Tulip GEMS Single-Use Accessories
NanoTransfer, Anaerobic Transfers
and Syringe Locks

Tulip GEMS Single-Use Accessories are designed for Syringe Technique Fat Harvesting procedures pioneered by Tulip Medical Products. Tulip's pre-sterilized, single-use devices work with luer lock syringes and eliminate risk of cross contamination while providing high performance.

NanoTransfer Generation II™

The patent pending Tulip Single-Use NanoTransfer is an essential component in the NanoFat Protocol. Tulip's proprietary closed system delivers adipose tissue that is injectable with 27G and 30G needles.

Complete NanoTransfer sets are available
for purchase by going to the > Instrument Sets page

You may review the NanoTransfer Protocol by clicking here > View Quick Start Instructions

You may also call Tulip at 1-800-325-6526 and we will help get you started with everything you need.


Tulip GEMS Single-Use Anaerobic Nano Transfers

Single-Use Anaerobic and Sizing Transfers™

Unique, single-use, pre-sterilized anaerobic transfers for luer to luer connection. These transfers are configured in 3 different lumen diameters. Single-Use Anaerobic and Sizing Transfers are also an essential component in the NanoFat Protocol.

Tulip GEMS Disposable Anaerobic Transfers

NEW! Johnnie Snap™ and Miller OneSnap™
for 60cc and 20cc BD Syringes

Premium, pre-sterilized, single-use syringe locks – only from Tulip.

Patent-pending Johnnie Snaps 60cc and 20cc and Miller OneSnap 60cc syringe locks are designed to maintain vacuum at variable pressure levels, from low to high. With a newly designed plunger clip, this lock becomes one with the plunger delivering effortless vacuum pressure. The Miller OneSnap delivers high pressure vacuum and the Johnnie Snap delivers incremental low pressure vacuum.

Note: Product is a one time, one syringe use.

View Tulip Singel-Use Syringe Lock Instructions

These Snap Locks fit 60cc and 20cc BD Syringes.

Tulip Johnnie Snap Syringe Lock
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Premium Single-Use Instruments and Accessories

Tulip now offers you a complete, single-use fat transfer system. Another advantage from using Tulip Medical Products.


Tulip's premium single-use instruments and accessories will help your procedure go smoothly, meaning more predictable outcomes for your patients.

Tulip Medical Products Single-Use, Disposable Cannulas, Infiltrators, Injectors and accessories are intended to be used for the removal and placement of soft tissue and fluid from the body during general surgical and plastic surgery procedures, including lipoplasty for aesthetic body contouring.