Tulip Specialty Cannulas

Tulip Products offers you the ability to purchase our Cell Friendly soft tissue cannulas online. Simply click on the Hub Style and select the Diameter and Length in the drop down menu when ordering.

Bensimon Micro Sculptor™ Signature Series

New! Introducing the Bensimon Micro Sculptor. Designed by Dr. Richard Bensimon, this modification of the Tonnard harvester is ideal for facial liposuction and inducing skin contraction. The small holes ensure a smooth contour and the small diameter enables entry with a needle puncture leaving no mark. This allows for multiple entries for precise contouring of the neck and gynecomastia.

Tumescent Infiltrator™ - Always start with CellFriendly Infiltration

The multi-spiraled port configuration allows even distribution of fluid, used specifically for the infusion of tumescent solution and for hydraulic dissection.


The Flap is primarily used as an undermining dissector, followed by harvesting and/or injection.

Toledo V-Dissector™

This cannula is specifically designed for use in the superficial compartment. The cutting notch is very useful for releasing dense fibrous tissue. Such as acne scars and nasolabial folds.

Power Cannula™

Order Tulip Cannulas and Harvesters as a complete instrument ready to use with an aspiration machine for liposuction and large volume fat harvesting procedures. Tulip’s lubricous Cell Friendly cannulas can now be ordered configured with a permanent handle and hose barb.


Simply specify the Cannula Name and Diameter/Length options from the drop down menus when ordering your Power Cannula.


If you do not find the configuration you desire please call us about a custom configuration.

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Smart Hub Design

Our Smart Hub design lets you know which direction the port is facing. Learn more about Tulip Hubs and the SuperLuerLok.


Tulip CellFriendly Facelift Instrumentation

Tulip Medical Products is a leading manufacturer and distributor of superior medical cannulas. We specialize in cannulas designed for facelift, fat transfer and plastic surgery procedures.